Here it is! My first post

How Marie Kondo inspired me!

After seeing Marie Kondo on TV, I thought I’d give her method a try. In an effort to de-clutter my office, I went through my shelves and stacked up the books, papers and files accumulated over the last 12 years. That’s a lot of stuff! I put her theory into practice and organized my stuff into stacks, more of less categorizing my knowledge bank, client files and articles I didn’t read.

Per Marie’s perspective, I paid some respect to this accumulation and realized how my job is informed by a wide variety of disciplines. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to study this content. More profound was the realization of how many hundreds of students and thousands of hours I’ve spent listening, learning and understanding the complexities of learning issues. I was amazed at how unique each student’s was/is, despite the commonality of diagnostic labels labels or being in the same academic program. Reviewing the files and remembering their struggles was deeply moving and led to Facebook to track some of my favorites down. Now, their hard work has paid off and they are a fascinating and interesting group of athletes, actors, scientists, doctors, dentists, coders and artists. Each one was unique in their perspective. Each one struggled to refine their approach to school. And, each one became successful.

The purpose of my blog is to clear my head and add structure to the experience of being an educational therapist, coach and advisor. I’m going to share my experiences with hundreds of students and address some of the issues which confuse and complicate learning issues. Hopefully, I can demystify some of the complexities and offer up strategies that I think make learning easier and more efficient.

I’m open to your ideas and comments, so feel free to chime in on occasion. Marie Kondo has inspired me to appreciate my work and I hope my blog inspires you as well.


Terry Regan